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Green Chemistry

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The Green Chemistry Module was supported by a generous charitable contribution from MilliporeSigma.  My Green Lab funders and sponsors do not contribute content and have no editorial oversight of the Green Lab Accredited Professional or other MGL programs. The content in this course reflects solely the learnings and recommendations of My Green Lab and Beyond Benign.

diagram of Green Chemistry philosophy

Green Chemistry is not a sub-discipline of chemistry— it is an umbrella philosophy/approach that encompasses not only all divisions of chemistry, but virtually all divisions of science, business, and arts.

Don’t be overwhelmed— you do not need to be an expert in each area to be successful in using and applying Green Chemistry in practice. Collaboration is key! It is encouraged to foster partnerships and work with colleagues and other departments to help each other. That way, research and science can be made as efficient and sustainable as possible.

Thinking holistically and looking at problems with the big picture in mind—especially through the lens of sustainability—is an increasingly valuable skill to have in the modern workplace. Many companies & institutions have energy, waste, hazard reduction, and other aggressive sustainability goals in place. Hence, they seek scientists and professionals that are well-versed in collaborating to implement such measures. Learning to use the Green Chemistry Principles and practices is, therefore, a valuable skill for the next generation of scientists to develop. So, let’s get started!